Pensions Plus

Medium- to Long-Term Investment

Even the Best Company Pension Plan May Not Be Enough

Consider this: some company pension plans only provide two-thirds of your final salary as a pension income after you retire, leaving you with less income. Pensions Plus is the plan that can provide you with the income you will need to reinvent your retirement.

Pensions Plus is an approved deferred annuity that allows you to receive tax relief up to the maximum deduction allowed for contributions made to approved annuity plans.

Life insurance

The Fund provides you with up to TT $100,000 reducing term life coverage, dependent upon your age, with no medical examination required. In addition, accidental death insurance of TT $50,000 is provided up to the age of 65. Each month, TT $25 is deducted from your account as an administration fee.


Because you own the plan, you can take it with you when you change jobs.

Flexible contributions

You decide how much and when to contribute. You can set up a standing order, salary deductions or make a lump sum contribution whenever you wish. The minimum monthly contribution is TT $125.

Disclaimer: Investors should consider a Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. This and other important information can be found in the Fund’s prospectus. Obtain a prospectus from our website or at any of our UTC Investment Centres and read carefully before investing.