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UrpreneurPlus is a Startup Accelerator created via a partnership between Unit Trust Corporation and UWI Ventures Limited to support innovative early-stage companies through education, mentorship, and financing.

What you will learn

Individuals with great ideas or companies no older than three years will be guided through the stages of the programme to facilitate the development and commercial launch of their products, services, and technologies. In addition to the topics above, participants will receive access to Coaching, Training, Mentorship and an Opportunity to receive Funding.

Three Tiers of Funding Available.
Start Your Journey to Success


Small Enterprise Investment

Over $250,000 in Investment Funding.

Tier 2

Small Enterprise R&D

Up to $250,000 in Grant Funding

Tier 3

Micro Enterprise Accelerator

Up to $50,000 in Grant Funding

Application open to Individuals with great ideas or companies no older than three years.

How It Works.

The committee will select from amongst the Applicants in each Tier, a Cohort of Entrepreneurs best suited to enter the Accelerator. In these rounds, companies will go through a substantive curriculum to develop the participants for the next round.

Subject to each Participant’s performance within the Accelerator, a shortlist of the most ideal Projects in each Cohort will be selected to enter the Pitch Rounds.


During the Pitch Rounds, Participants will have the opportunity to compete for development and investment funding totalling TT $1M by delivering their Business-Case Proposal to an experienced panel of business and industry professionals, who will determine the most ideal and feasible Proposals.


In preparation for the Pitch Rounds, each of the projects will be assigned an Expert Business Mentor who will guide them in the development of their respective Pitch Proposals. The Winners of the Pitch Round Event from each Tier will be selected for the Funding Rounds.

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