Gift of Units

Gift of Units

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Who can purchase a Gift of Units?

A Gift of Units may be purchased by either Corporate or Individual adult customers, who may be classified as non-unitholders (i.e. do not hold an account with the UTC) or unitholders (i.e. hold an account with the UTC).

I am a non-unitholder.  What documents will I need?

You will need:

  • National Identification
  • Completion of a Source of Funds Document for all values

Who can redeem a Gift of Units?

A Gift of Units may only be redeemed by individual customers who are classified as Unitholders. Therefore, all intended recipients of a Gift of Units who are non-unitholders must first open an account prior to the receipt of the gift.

Where can I purchase UTC’s Gift of Units?

You can purchase the Gift of Units at all UTC Investment Centres and Agencies (click here: to go to the contact page)

Gift of Units must be redeemed by the intended recipient recorded on the Gift of Units application Form.
Gift of Units are non-transferrable.