UTC Foundation

Our Connection to You

Our Foundation lies at the heart of the Unit Trust. It is a continued story of our purpose to transform people’s lives, to empower individuals, communities and to share our vision of a better country. As our story unfolds, we want all our stakeholders to partner with us to see the bigger picture, and a connection to what we do and the world in which we live. The choices and decisions we make today have a ripple effect on what happens in the future.

We launched the UTC Foundation in November 2017, with the desire to make a greater impact in the communities in which we live and work. We sought to make a meaningful difference in our communities and transitioned our approach from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Creating Shared Value (CSV) to those closest to us.

Our Pillars

We rely on our three pillars to help us stay focused, and channel our energies and resources in the right way:

  1. Education
  2. Financial Well‐Being 
  3. Environmental Citizenship

Our Foundation’s Core Values

Empowerment — Our work empowers citizens to take actions that enhance their lives and communities
Integrity — We guide our actions by the principles of trust, honesty and ethical standards
National Pride — We are driven by patriotism and a social responsibility to meaningfully contribute to the development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Sharing Our Stories of SEA

As part of the UTC Foundation’s pillar of Education, The Power to Become initiative was born out of a desire to share our stories, instil hope by striking a chord, and strengthen our partnership with our UTC community.

The conversation we started lit a spark — despite the vast sea of media saturation, you were moved to sit and listen, and to join in the conversation, sharing your own stories and inspiring you to have deeper discussions of your own with the people you care about.

Learning is continuous. By opening ourselves up for discussion about new ideas, we get a deeper understanding of important issues, which helps us put things in perspective. By sharing our own educational journeys with the thousands of children sitting the SEA examination, many of whom carry a deep fear that their future success depends on whether or not they pass this one test, we have started a conversation about what we can do to support the next generation — the future success stories of Trinidad and Tobago.