Strategic Leadership Team

DEYSON SCOTT — Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Mr. Deyson Scott has over 20 years of multifaceted experience, in the financial services sector.

Before his appointment as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Deyson held the position of Acting Vice President Sales and Service. During that time, he provided critical insight into conducting strategic engagement with various stakeholders and championing the transformational journey and successful launch of our new technology platform.

Mr. Scott, who started at the UTC as Portfolio Manager in 2006, brings a wealth of experience in fund management, business leadership, and corporate strategy. Earlier in his career, he held senior management positions in investment and commercial operations.

He holds a BSc in Economics from The University of the West Indies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Leicester.

With creative, strategic thinking, his experience and leadership will focus on developing and delivering technology driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding customer service, and driving revenue growth.

A fitness enthusiast with a passion for philanthropy, Deyson brings tremendous technical leadership and operational expertise to the Corporation.