Welcome to the World of Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Looking for a way to grow your money beyond savings?The answer is simple – invest in a mutual fund! Many people use savings accounts as a basic, secure tool for their money, but mutual funds operate to elevate your savings so they can yield greater rewards.

At the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (TTUTC), we invest your money using a selection of mutual funds that are specifically tailored to your every need, whether long- or short-term investments.

Investing with Us

We know the concept of a mutual fund may seem daunting to the non-financial expert, here we take the anxiety out of investing. Our funds provide low risk, high security and the opportunity to participate in the financial market. We offer you an opportunity to widen your financial portfolio and pursue the achievement of your investment goals.

At UTC,investing in mutual funds is made easy and doesn’t require a large sum of money to get started. Funds are managed by our team of experienced professionals, dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals.