SEA Scholarship Programme

Building a bright future for our youth

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What is the SEA Scholarship Programme?

The Programme assists our youth who have the academic brilliance and potential but experience financially challenging circumstances.

It supports exceptional performers in the SEA examination, awarding TT $1,500 worth in vouchers annually over the course of seven years, to purchase books and school supplies.

A key objective is to support scholars holistically. Students participate in Strategies for Success workshops, designed to equip them with useful life skills to manage personal and social challenges, develop effective communication, build healthy relationships, promote health and wellness, and learn about budgeting and financial literacy.

Parents aren’t left out of the loop! In 2012, the workshop was expanded to include parents, who have the opportunity to learn effective communication skills, conflict resolution and financial techniques — all of which help them to strengthen their children’s foundation and propel their success.

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