Registration and Account Information Safety Tips


Keep your registration information updated!

Financial Institutions consistently require account holders to update their registration information. While this process may at times be tedious for cardholders, it is imperative that we recognize the importance of updated registration information in the combating of card fraud.

Fraud Protection and Card Monitoring

In an environment with escalating fraudulent trends, financial institutions have all enforced measures to help safeguard their cardholders from various forms of card fraud. Many institutions attempt to reach out to cardholders periodically to confirm suspicious or unusual activity noted on their accounts. Updated registration details will ensure that financial institutions have all the information needed to investigate suspicious or unusual activity and to contact cardholders in instances where further information is required.

Delivery of Statements

Financial institutions provide account statements periodically to their cardholders. These statements are usually forwarded to the registered mailing address of cardholders. In instances where cardholders no longer reside at a specific mailing address, we strongly recommend that the required update is completed at their financial institution. This will ensure that statements are only sent to addresses occupied by the designated cardholders and ensure the safety of the cardholder account, registration and transactional information.

Travel Registry

When traveling, it is important that cardholders advise their financial institutions of their travel itinerary and contact information while abroad. This will ensure that cardholders are not inconvenienced due to the detection of any unusual foreign/international activity on their account.

Remember to:
  • Visit an Investment Centre of your choice to update your registration and account information.
  • Contact the UTC at 625-UNIT (8648) to learn more about the required documents to complete the updates and to speak with a representative if further information is required.
  • Email between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily (including weekends and public holidays) to find out more about updating your registration and account information, or to submit your travel details
  • Check and verify your account details online frequently using UTC’s Uon Service