How can I register for this service?

Click on the Register Now link on our website’s main (home) page. You will be directed to complete your online registration details in three simple steps, on the New Customer Registration page:
Step 1 — Enter your personal information on the Personal Details page.
Step 2 — Enter your demographic information on the Demographic Details page.
Step 3 — Enter and confirm your passwords/security requirements on the Security
Details page.

Note that all mandatory fields must be completed to progress to the next stage in
the successful completion of your online registration.

  • You can download and print the Application Form and submit it at any of our nine Investment Centres, along with one form of valid identification. Once your Application Form has been received, please allow one business day for your access to UTC U-Online to be granted.
  • You can view the features and benefits of the Register My Local Bank Accounts service by placing your mouse over the question mark symbol. If you are interested in this service, click on the link to register your bank account details.