Customer service

  • What are the requirements for obtaining a US$ Income Fund Visa debit card?

You must have a USIF account with a minimum account balance of US $50 to apply. Call our Contact Centre (1-868-625‐8648, Options 1 to 4) daily, or visit any of our Investment Centres or agencies nationwide to request a card.

  • Can I have a joint account and be issued a USIF Visa debit card?

No. USIF Visa debit cards are not issued on joint accounts.

  • Can I apply for a card at one Investment Centre but have it pinned and collected at another Investment Centre?

Yes. You can apply for your card at one Investment Centre location and collect it at another. You must, however, let our Customer Service Representative know which Investment Centre you wish to collect your card at, once it is ready.

  • Is there an expiry date on the USIF Visa debit cards?

Yes. The card is valid for three years, after which a replacement card will be provided. However, on the anniversary date of the card, the annual fee will be automatically deducted from the USIF account.

  • Will this card be accepted internationally?

Yes. The card will be accepted worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted.

  • Can the USIF Visa debit card be used for transactions at point of sale merchants internationally?

Yes. Point of sale transactions can be done with your UTC Visa debit card, up to the equivalent of US $5,000 daily.

  • If I apply for a USIF Visa debit card, how soon will I receive it?

You can collect your card as soon as five working days after you have completed your application.

  • Can I access funds from accounts other than my primary account?

No. The USIF debit card is linked only to the USIF account you identified when you applied for the card.