Charges & fees

  • Are there any costs associated with the US Visa debit card?

Yes. There is an annual fee of US$20, which is debited from your US account when you first apply for the card, and on the anniversary date of the card each year.

  • Is there a replacement fee for lost/stolen cards?

Yes. In the event that your card is lost, stolen or damaged, there is a card replacement fee of TT$50 for the TT Visa debit card and US$10 for the US Visa debit card.

  • Are there any fees associated with the card for repurchasing (withdrawals) or sales (deposits) at UTC ATMs?

No. Transactions at UTC ATMs are free. A charge of TT$7 is applied to your TT Visa debit card and US$5 to your US Visa debit card when using non-UTC ATMs.