UTC Celebrates Culture and Uplifts Local Talent Through Partnership with Freetown Collective

UTC – Freetown

June 20th – The Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation announced on Wednesday 19th June that it has partnered with the acclaimed band, Freetown Collective. As a financial solutions service provider with roots planted deep in its country’s history, UTC celebrates culture and music, understanding the importance of supporting our local talents with their endeavors to achieve new heights.

Founded in 2010, the group began as a two-member band making their way around the open mic circuit. Having stayed true to their purpose and passion, the now six-member band, embodies the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago through their music, intertwining the themes of culture, love, and good vibes. Their family-oriented brand and commitment to uplifting T&T resonates deeply with UTC’s core values.

On Wednesday 19th June, the UTC Team proudly attended Freetown’s mesmerizing Tight Spaces Event, at SoundForge, Port-of-Spain. This being one of the venues mapped on the group’s local tour as they prepare to embark on the much-anticipated 2024 Glastonbury Festival, held in the UK.

“When we saw the talent that Freetown Collective presented to Trinidad and Tobago, we knew immediately that this is something that could impact the globe,” said Nigel Edwards, UTC’s Executive Director. “We invest in what we believe in, and in this case, it’s investing in talent. Partnering with Freetown is an opportunity to empower local talent and celebrate the stories that define our national identity.”

The UTC is especially thrilled with the recent collaboration to reenergize its UTC jingle, currently broadcasting on our nation’s airwaves. Infusing a fresh perspective into the iconic melody, Freetown was instrumental in UTC’s efforts to foster brand recognition among its stalwart unitholders while appealing to younger investors.

“We are about community, and we know that UTC is about community, said Muhammed Muwakil, Freetown’s lead vocalist. “We are extremely grateful to Unit Trust for their appreciation of our music and movement. This partnership allows us to take what we’re doing to another level, and to bring communities together in a space to share our cultural heritage on a larger scale.”

As a supporting partner, UTC recognises and congratulates Freetown for its commitment to the artform. The partnership offers Freetown opportunities for creative expression beyond the confines of traditional music production, enabling them to explore new avenues and projects with the Unit Trust Corporation.