The Transformation of Investment Management Using Artificial Intelligence in the English – Speaking Caribbean

UTC CBTT Research Review-85

Prompted by AI and its emergence as the next big thing in technology, the Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Investment Team explores how using AI can transform investment management in the English-speaking Caribbean.

UTC’s Investment Team have great expectations for the digital advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative impact on the investment management sector. With a spotlight on Trinidad and Tobago, the team paper synthesises a wealth of academic studies, industry reports, and digital resources to offer comprehensive analysis and holistic discourse into AI’s role in investment management.

The paper opens with an overview of AI’s evolution, setting the stage for its application in finance. It then focuses on how U.S. hedge funds are utilising AI and satellite imagery to gain a competitive edge over Wall Street. By leveraging AI algorithms to analyse SEC filings, hedge funds are redefining the investment landscape, emphasising the global implications of AI in finance.

The investment team also introduces the concept of quantitative investment management, detailing its history, merits, and limitations, and illustrates how AI synergistically combines with quantitative strategies, offering real-world examples, highlighting a quant fund that successfully employs AI.

Shifting the lens to Trinidad and Tobago, the paper presents a case study for a hypothetical AI-driven investment management firm. It outlines the organisational structure, spotlighting key roles such as the Chief Investment Officer and Data Scientists that are essential for AI integration.

At the same time, the paper discusses the dual-edged sword of AI adoption, highlighting the benefits like enhanced decision-making and automation, while also cautioning about ethical and risk management challenges.

To navigate these challenges, the paper proposes mitigation strategies, including the adoption of robust data management systems and explainable AI (XAI) for algorithmic transparency. It underscores the need for regulatory vigilance and recommends stress-testing AI models to prepare for market anomalies. Additionally, it advocates for workforce development to address the skills gap in Trinidad and Tobago.

In summary, our experts assert that AI is a game-changer for the investment management sector in the English-speaking Caribbean. The paper concludes that successful integration of AI requires a balanced approach, marrying automation with human expertise, underpinned by ethical considerations.AI is not merely a technological tool, but a seminal force poised to revolutionise investment management in the region.


The paper was submitted and presented at the 2023 Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Research Review Seminar and was a collaborative effort by members of the UTC Investment team: Andrew Maharaj – Macro Analyst, Ashwini Singh – Regional Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Analyst, Cedric Thompson – Investment Management Strategist, Omar Burch-Smith – Regional CIS Manager, Ravi Kurjah – Manager, Research and Innovation, and Sharlene Dabideen – Investment Management Strategy Analyst.