Living Your Best Life After 50


When Jenny walked through our doors in 1982, she had just graduated from the Police Academy…now, she’s living her best life at 50+ and has great advice for investing smartly so you can do the same…

“There were a few women in the service, as it really is a male-dominated profession. I wanted to be in the service. It was sort of a family tradition. There were many members of my family in the service before me and I admired their sense of camaraderie and sense of what is right. I didn’t want just any job in the service either. I wanted to be a member of the Mounted Branch. I loved those horses and was determined to be sitting tall in the saddle.

“I was in my mid-twenties, just married the year before. I was so proud when I made it and I remember thinking, ‘I need to put my salary to work for me. Even though my job came with a pension plan, I really wanted to make sure that I would be comfortable in my old age.’

“A good quality of life after 50 is a choice. It is a choice you can make right now by investing in your health, wealth and happiness. ”

“The first UTC account I opened was my PensionsPlus account. Yes, I was still in my 20s and investing in my retirement. It might sound strange to you, but believe me it is a decision I never regretted and I am retired now and reaping the benefits. My grandmother always told me to prepare for the future. I wanted to live to a ripe old age like her and I didn’t want to spend my whole life working.

“I don’t ride horses anymore but I am still going places. I’ve done so much travelling in the last two years. I just came back from a cruise exploring the islands of the Mediterranean.

“Here is how I did it. First of all, your health is your wealth. Invest in your body. What’s the point of saving your entire life, only to be stuck at home during retirement? Health-related costs are among the top reasons that people experience hardship during retirement. It’s true that Unit Trust’s Pensions Plus provides you with up to TT $100,000 reducing term life insurance coverage, dependent upon your age, with no medical examination required. But you have to be proactive and eliminate self-destructive habits like smoking and excessive drinking. Take a walk. Listen to music. Laugh with friends. Get your heart rate going.

“Don’t stop budgeting. The less you spend, the more you save. Forget your bonus! Save or invest any income above the norm; there are lots of ways to make your money work for you. I have a few different accounts now, and also opened accounts for my kids when they were born. This gave them access to money when one of them wanted to further their studies and the other one wanted to open a business.

“Stay inquisitive about the world around you and keep learning about finances. Read about what is happening in the economy and be informed about how it affects you. Find out what your investment options are. Now I know what Mutual Funds are! You don’t have to be a master of finance but if you know more, you can make more informed choices.

“Accept help. Build a personal Board of Directors, a trusted posse to help you review life’s bigger questions. Include one of the financial advisors at the Unit Trust. They can help you achieve your goals. They know what they are talking about.

“Go green to save money and the planet. Make small, eco-friendly changes to your lifestyle. Ditch bottled water. Grow your own food or start a small herb garden in your kitchen. Make your home energy efficient. Use clean fuels in your car and stick to the speed limit, it saves on gas and keeps a lid on pollution.

“Take the advice of a YOUNG old woman living her best life. Don’t wait. Be prepared. Prepare to live your best life and you will!”