UTC launches Mobile Office in Tobago

Mobile Office

November 1st 2019: As part of its commitment to increase accessibility and improve ease of doing business, the Unit Trust Corporation changed gears by launching its first Mobile Office, in Tobago. The mobile initiative seeks to raise awareness of the importance of savings and investing not only in Tobago but across the entire country.   In a cashless business environment,customers can open accounts, make deposits, update their information, register for U-Online, make electronic transfers from their UTC account, apply for a UTC Visa Debit Card, or just come in and get financial advice on achieving their goals.

To engage existing and potential investors, a unit from the UTC Corporate Mobile Fleet has already visited several communities in south Trinidad, including Mayaro, Rio Claro, Siparia, and Chaguanas.

“Our goal is to shine a light on new possibilities throughout the communities we operate and create an evolution in the way we provide services.  It is a celebration of yet another innovative UTC initiative,” said Nigel Edwards, Executive Director, Unit Trust Corporation.

Assemblyman Joel Jack, Deputy Chief Secretary of the THA, second from left, poses with Nigel Edwards, Executive Director, Unit Trust Corporation, who cuts the ribbon to unveil UTC’s Mobile Office at South Beach, Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago. From left, Judith Sobion, Vice President, Corporate Services, Karrian Hepburn, Vice President, Sales and Service, and Sharon St. Clair Douglas, Assistant Vice President, Investment Centres, UTC.