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What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is essentially creating a blue print of how to manage your money. Establishing a plan for your money will help you in the following ways:

  • It helps you understand the implications of each financial decision you make
  • A financial plan will help you to create goals for your life
  • Takes out the guess work in managing your money
  • It will help you stay on track

How can a Financial Advisor Help?

For many of us, we have goals for ourselves and for your family – to buy a home, purchase a car, to send our children to university. These goals can be achieved by managing your finances – however, sometimes, this process might be challenging for some of us. Don’t be disheartened, the team at Advisory Services are here to help you – you don’t have to do it alone.

A Financial Advisor can provide assistance in:

  • Setting realistic financial goals for yourself and your family
  • Assessing your financial health by closely considering your assets and liabilities
  • Creating a practical and comprehensive plan that will meet your financial goals
  • Monitor your progress
  • Adjusting your financial plan when life circumstances changes

What is a Budget?

The creation of a budget is the core of every financial plan and is critical in achieving your financial objective, regardless of your income. A budget will help you to improve your relationship with money as it allows you to understand how much money you have (income) and where it goes (expenses) with the objective of allocating your funds in the best possible way. (See our Budget Calculator).