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ADB Loans Fully Repaid

Over 3,100 Caroni workers will have their debts to the Agricultural Development Bank FULLY REPAID as a result of an agreement between the Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) and Agricultural Development Bank.

In 2003, the Caroni workers benefitted from a product offered by the Agricultural Development Bank where they were allowed to borrow funds against collateral held in the UTC’s Individual Retirement Unit Account (IRUA) Fund. The workers therefore got money upfront in the form of a loan using the IRUA as collateral. Read More

Recycling is a simple and practical strategy for conserving the environment. In Trinidad and Tobago however, most of us are unfamiliar with recycling mechanisms. Members of staff from the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation helped to assist in raising awareness for recycling by joining Sandra Allum, International Tourism Consultant, as she hosted an environmental fair at the San Fernando Hill entitled Recycling for a Cleaner and Healthier Environment. Read More

Many children see animals at the zoo – but few have the opportunity to see them up close and personal! The children of the Margaret Kistow Home in Arima got to interact with the animals during their memorable visit to the Emperor Valley Zoo thanks to a team of volunteers from the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) and zoo officials. Read More

The Tobago Heritage Festival is one of the most anticipated annual cultural events held in Tobago.

(The Tobago Heritage Festival) is a great way of showcasing the talent and heritage of different villages across Tobago and brings the entire island together,” said Mr. Terrence David, representative from the village of Bethel as he spoke about the benefits the festival brings to the people of Tobago. Read More

When it comes to investing, diversification (investing in more than one type of financial product) is key to growing one’s wealth. Customers of the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) that heeded this advice, benefitted from their share of over TT $163M in income from three (3) UTC mutual fund products over the period January to June 2009. The amount reflects the total distributions from the Growth and Income Fund (TT$116,930,683.71) and the US Dollar Income Fund (US$7,191,822.91), along with income generated by the Universal Retirement Fund (TT$4,754,019.25). Read More

Join the library and read over the (August) vacation period. The advice came from Janice Jackman, Assistant Manager of the Unit Trust Corporation Port of Spain Customer Service Centre at the recently held graduation for the 52 students participating in the UTC Sponsored A.R.R.O.W. (Auditory, Read, Respond, Oral, Write) literacy programme held at the Richmond St. Boys Anglican School in Port of Spain. The students improved their reading and writing skills by as much as 2 years over the period of the programme. Read More

July 1st, 2009

First Unit Scheme

The Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation has announced a TT $116.9 Million dividend payment to investors in the Growth and Income Fund (First Unit Scheme). A total of TT$116,930,683.71 will be paid to investors in increments amounting to TT$0.45 a Unit. This is the 53rd distribution for the Growth and Income Fund and represents the period January 01 to June 30, 2009 – a period of significant fluctuation on the local and international stock markets. Read More

Lascelles deMercado, one of Jamaica’s largest conglomerates, yesterday declared two dividends equalling J$14 (US$0.16) an ordinary share in a move that is significant because the group is now under the control of the Government of T&T. At a meeting on Friday, the Lascelles board approved an interim dividend of J$6.00 per ordinary stock unit and a special interim dividend of J$8.00 per ordinary stock unit, both payable to ordinary stockholders on record at the close of business June 26, 2009. Read More

Asa Wright Nature Centre is destination #1 for bird watchers and tropical rainforest enthusiasts visiting Trinidad and Tobago. The Centre once again benefitted from the work of staff from the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) when a team of 22 UTC volunteers visited the centre on May 31 to assist in preserving trails at the 1500 acre facility. Read More

Ever wonder what happens to carelessly disposed crab and dumpling containers? Volunteers from Environment Tobago and the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) can tell you – they end up in a clogged water system or even in the waters of the beaches you enjoy! “Working to clean up this wetland has made me realize how many non-biodegradable items we use in the world today,” said Desire Hackett-Murray of UTC’s Tobago Customer Service Centre after participating in a partnership project between UTC and Environment Tobago to clean up the Belle Garden Wetland in Tobago. A recent study by Environment Tobago found the Belle Garden Wetland to be teeming with wildlife with many species of birds, agouti, crabs, butterflies and even caiman. All animals are threatened by poor garbage disposal. Read More