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Newsday Business Day Magazine, Thursday 22nd March, 2012 Written By Business Reporter Darcel Choy

THE Unit Trust Corporation will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year and in that time, changes have been made. Last year, the corporation began restructuring at the corporate level which Executive Director Eutrice Carrington explained was part of a strategic plan themed “Strengthening for Competitive Sustainability”.

In an interview at her office on Independence Square, Port-of-Spain last week, Carrington said in November 2010, a strategic planning exercise was commissioned by the board of the Unit Trust Corporation with about 90 persons in the organisation involved in the exercise. Read More

Trinidad Express Business Magazine, Wednesday 21st March, 2012, written by Business Reporter Asha Javeed


The Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) is shedding some weight to improve its efficiency.

Four vice presidents: Ruben McSween-vice president of Customer Service Centre Network, Gary Pierre-vice president of Corporate Support Services, Emily Chee Wah-chief risk officer and Richard Shepherd-vice president of Electronic Services, were recently cut from the UTC’s top management.

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Whether you are a shareholder or merely thinking about investing in a company, a basic understanding of the fundamentals of a company’s financial position is essential. A balance sheet is the “gateway” to assessing a company’s financial strengths and weaknesses. While some people may have a natural aversion to numbers, understanding the balance sheet is not as difficult as it may appear.

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10-year-old-Primary-School-1st-place-winner10 year old Stephen Jaggai and 16 year old Khylah Mykoo-Garcia can teach us how to “Light a Greener World” through the art pieces they submitted in Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation’s 6th Annual Divali Art Competition.  Stephen Jaggai a student of the Rochard Douglas Presbyterian Primary School and Khylah Mykoo-Garcia of the Naparima Girls High School were announced this year’s primary school and secondary school winners respectively, at the Divali Art Awards Ceremony on Friday 4th November, 2011 at the UTC Chaguanas Customer Service Centre.

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Dear Unitholders of the Unit Trust Corporation:

A paid advertisement in the form of a letter addressed to the Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) in the Sunday Guardian of October 9th 2011, was misleading and inaccurate, and deliberately calculated to cause mistrust in the minds of Unitholders.

Contrary to the allegations made in the advertisement, whose signatories chose not to reveal themselves, the UTC has not received an offer for the purchase of the CL Financial notes. If such an offer were made, the UTC would of course consider it.

Instead, the only offer that the UTC is aware of, is fraught with contingencies and uncertainties that we believe would result in years of costly litigation. Furthermore, the group that made the offer is already facing litigation regarding this matter before the Jamaican High Court.

In the absence of an offer to purchase the notes, the UTC is working to secure the full repayment of the CL Financial Notes, including all interest and principal.

The CL Financial notes held by the UTC are fully secured and constitute less than 2 percent of our more than $18.3 billion in assets under management. To date, the UTC has been paid all of the interest due from the notes and we are working to ensure that all of the principal will be repaid in the near future.

As stewards of Unitholders’ investments, and as an indigenous institution of Trinidad and Tobago, we will continue to exercise our fiduciary responsibility to safeguard our Unitholders’ interest and to ensure that your investments remain safe, stable and secure.

Yours sincerely
Eutrice Carrington
Executive Director