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November 6th, 2015

Divali Celebration and Art Prize Giving Ceremony 2015 – Welcome Address delivered by Executive Director, Ian Chinapoo


Welcome Address delivered by Mr. Ian Chinapoo, Executive Director of the T&T Unit Trust Corporation at the Divali Celebration and Art Prize Giving Ceremony 2015

Chaguanas Investment Centre

Wednesday 4th November 2015

  • His Worship, GopaulBoodhan Mayor of Chaguanas
  • Krishna Boodhai – Chairman of the Unit Trust Corporation
  • Teachers, Parents and Students
  • Media
  • Staff of the UTC

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to theUTC’s 2015 Divali Celebration and Art Prize Giving Ceremony.

The competition is now in its 10th year and is a testament to our continued commitment to not only harnessing the artistic energies of our young people but providing a conduit for self-expression and sources of inspiration.

 “Let Light Lead Us” is this year’s theme and one that has significance for us. The Corporation’s inception was based on a mandate toempower persons of any means to play a vibrant role in the investing landscape. Providing a learning and empowering environment is also an integral part of the Corporation’s core values.

Knowledge isn’t simply academic, it is taking information that we have acquired through learning and experience and using it to improve our life and the life of others. It is not something to hoard, but shared. It can be manifested through creative energies as evidenced tonight by the artwork on display and inventive interpretations of the theme.

Our art competition aims to encourage the creativity of our youth by providing a platform for them to see their uniqueness as a positive character trait, and which can be applied in other facets of their life. Through art, culture and education our goal has always been to create a fertile and learning environment for our future leaders. Art is an opportunity for young people to better understand themselves and their environment. They can use art to find solutions and be a force for change.

In this year’s Schools’Divali Art Competition, the children have painstakinglytaken the time to capture in vivid detail the diverse permutations associated with this festival. Moreover, the artistic expression exhibitedby our young budding artists show that we have talent that needs to be nurtured for growth.

Since the inception of our art competition, hundreds of young artists have expressed their inner talents, giving birth to fantastic art pieces with an opportunity to win over $30,000 in prizes.

We have continued the People’s Choice category and facilitated voting on our Facebook Fan Page. The winners in both the Primary and Secondary categories in the People’s Choice section will also be announced tonight and will win a total of $5,000 in gift of units.

TheUTCDivali Art Competition was conceived to help promote a greater understanding and exploration of the significance of Divali to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The competition provides an avenue through which our cultural diversity can be expressed, and in the process,unearth the creative energies of our young people.

More significantly, art is aboutstimulating imagination and refining cognitive and creative skills. It is about positively impacting the developmental growth of every child by strengthening problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. This can only lead to overall academic achievement and school success.

For me, artistic expression reflects the canvas of life, and I believe that artists have the power to transform the world. I want to remind all of the students that their artistry is important and I urge you to sustain your courage, to follow your passions and craft your talents. Let your light shine and believe you can make a difference.For yourenthusiasm and creativity, Iwant to commend you all.

I thank you and Shub Divali to all!