March 1st, 2013



Students of the Chaguanas North Secondary School created history when they walked away with the first, second and third place of the 22nd edition of the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation’s Schools’ Investment Game.

The announcement, made recently during the award ceremony at UTC’s Financial Centre in Port-of-Spain, was accompanied by shouts of jubilation and scenes of celebration from the students of the winning school.

The Chaguanas North Secondary School took home an accumulated prize of $18,000 and individual prizes in gift of units, earning them bragging rights among their peers.  Mrs. Rajkumarie Maharaj, the sole teacher to guide the three groups of students who played the game, was presented with $2,200 in gift of units.

“I feel extreme pride in my students, they exercised vigilance in checking their portfolio, did the necessary research and remained committed to ensuring that the right investments were made,”said an elated Maharaj, noting that the students from forms four to six, invested on the New York Stock Exchange and used Google Finance as a useful source of information.

“Their perseverance has paid off,” said a proud Mrs. Maharaj.

Speaking at the 2013 awards ceremony, UTC’s Executive Director, Ms. Eutrice Carrington emphasized the significance of the SIG as educational program. “The UTC has been committed to developing financial literacy and for the past 22 years and the Schools’ Investment Game has been an effective tool in meeting this goal.

She emphasized that an understanding of the key components of investing “will give our youth a strong arm in building a solid financial future,” and noted that the UTC intends to ensure they are equipped with the information and skills to avoid life’s financial challenges.

“It is my fervent hope that the Schools’ Investment Game continues to provide opportunities for our young citizens to arm themselves with the requisite tools for a solid financial future. By understanding the principles of investing they will have a better grasp of Wealth Management” said Ms. Carrington.

 Justin Silva, Portfolio Manager at the UTC, who delivered the feature address, gave the students an insight into financial management by relating his experience on how he raised “fighter” fishes in his younger days and imparted to the students what lessons he learnt.

The experience, Mr Silva said, taught him the value of risk and reward, managing money and ways to capitalize on opportunities as well as  changing one’s mindset and seeking financial advice from those more experienced that yourself.

The opportunity to expose secondary school students to the world of investing and finance was the premise under which the UTC’s Schools’ Investment Game was founded. Each team is given a notional sum of TT $100,000.00 to invest in stock, shares and/or UTC products. Teams are allowed to invest in the international companies such as New York Stock Exchange, (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, (NASDAQ) which were supported by an upgraded on-line system, allowing teams to interact with each other.

Winners of the 2010/2011 UTC Schools’ Investment Game are as follows:




Team Member


Chaguanas North Secondary School

Mrs. Rajkumarie Maharaj

Aliyah James (Team Captain), Aqeel Kissoon, Aleem Brandon Khan, Hematee Popal, Anushka Goordeen


Chaguanas North Secondary School

Mrs. Rajkumarie Maharaj

Chantel Raghoonanan (Team Captain), Neesha Charles, Varisha Dhanraj, Aakash Moonisar, Dominique Samaroo


Chaguanas North Secondary School

Mrs. Rajkumarie Maharaj

Esther George (team Captain), Laura Lutchman, Sasha Singh, Theophillus Mahabir, Kathlyn Rampersad

Photo captions:

  1. PROUD MOMENT: Executive Director, Eutrice Carrington (center) stands with Team Captains (L-R) Chantal Raghoonanan, Aliyah James, Esther George and Teacher Rajkumarie Maharaj of the Chaguanas North Secondary School.
  1. WINNERS ROW: Feature Speaker Justin Silva, Portfolio Manager, UTC and Executive Director Eutrice Carrington (center) are surrounded by jubilant students of the Chaguanas North Secondary School.
  2. FINANCIAL ADVICE: Justin Silva, Portfolio Manager, UTC, has the attention of a student from the Chaguanas North Secondary School as her colleagues look on.

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