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  • How are charges debited from my account?
    For Alerts that have been sent to your mobile phone, charges will be debited on a monthly basis from the account that you specify.
  • Is there a cost associated with this feature?
    There is a cost associated with sending the alert to your mobile phone. This attracts a fee of TT$ 0.35 per alert. If alerts are sent to your external e-mail account, or to your UTC Mail account within UTC U-Online there is no cost associated.
  • How often are alerts sent to me?
    Alerts are sent once the event that is being monitored has occurred.
  • What is the benefit of this feature?
    The Alert Me feature allows you to get up-to-date information on the status of your account.
  • Where can the alerts be sent to?
    Your alerts can be sent to either your mobile phone, your external e-mail account or your UTC Mail account within UTC U-Online.
  • What alerts can I receive with this feature?
    You can choose from 10 different alert types currently such as: Notify me when my ‘transact with my banks’ transaction is complete Notify me when my Bill payment has been made Notify me when I have transferred money to another UTC account Notify me whenever I receive a new mail in MyUTC mail A ...