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  • Is there a limit to the amount of accounts I can open online?
    You are not restricted to any specific number of account opening requests. You are, however, reminded that each request must be first approved by a Card and Online Service Representative. If you were unable to solve your problem, please send us a mail through your UTC Mail feature or at uon ...
  • What information is required to open a new account online?
    To open a new account online, you must provide an initial investment from one of your existing investment accounts. Beneficiary information should also be provided.
  • Can I open a joint account online?
    No, a joint account cannot be opened online. To make an account joint, kindly visit your nearest Investment Center.
  • Can I close an account online?
    No, an account cannot be closed online. To close an account, kindly contact us via phone or e-mail, or visit your nearest Investment Centre for more assistance.
  • What should I know before I open an account online?
    You should research the specific fund you are interested in investing in very carefully, read all of the information contained on the website especially the prospectus before deciding which fund is right for you. For further information or guidance, contact our Contact Centre at (868) 625-86 ...
  • What type of accounts can I open online?
    You can open any one of the following accounts online: o TT$ Income Fund o US$ Income Fund o Growth and Income Fund o Children's Investment Starter Plan o Student Investment and Protection Plan o Individual Retirement Unit Account o Universal Retirement Fund o Monthly ...
  • When I open an online account, how long does it take before it becomes active?
    Once all required information and your request to open an account has been submitted, it is reviewed by a Card and Online Service Representative who will verify the information and either approve or decline the request. This process takes two (2) business days.