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  • Can I recall a message I have sent?
    Unfortunately, once a message has been sent, it cannot be recalled. If you were unable to solve your problems, please send us a mail through your UTC Mail feature or at You can also call us at 625-8648 (UNIT) Option 1.
  • I cannot find the messages I have saved
    Mails that have been saved go automatically to the inbox. If they cannot be found, they may be stored in your trash can. Click on ‘trash’ and move if necessary back to the inbox.
  • How do I send a mail regarding my UTC U- Online service?
    To send a message to us, click on My UTC Mail then “Compose” menu, type a message and send. You will receive a response within one (1) hour during our working hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm daily.
  • How to I move a message in my trash, back into my inbox?
    To move a message from your trash back to the inbox, simply select the desired message, and from the menu box at the bottom, select the desired destination. Click ‘move’ to complete the action.

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