UTC Annual Report 2012 - page 3

On November 29, 1982, a day that has
gained prominence in the history of Trinidad and
Tobago, the Unit Trust Corporation opened its doors
to the public, creating a shift in the financial services
sector and one whose impact continues to reverberate
across the country.
In so doing, the Unit Trust ushered in a new era by
offering investment opportunities to a public that
had become weaned on traditional channels and
accustomed to thinking inside the box. Thirty years
later, with a sense of euphoria and elation, we stood
triumphant and against the odds, celebrated our
accomplishments with you, our unit holders.
While other financial institutions, local and global, have
fallen prey to their own excesses and succumbed to
quixotic and unreachable goals, the Unit Trust adopted
a pragmatic approach to doing its business and
anchored itself to the tenets of trust and transparency.
The Unit Trust continues to engage its unit holders
who have kept the faith with us over the years, through
thick and thin, in calm and rough waters. You, our unit
holder, have provided us with the inspiration to forge
ahead to ensure that this institution continues to be a
haven to all who walked through its doors.
Our achievements over the past
thirty years of our existence
have been a direct result of
meticulous planning, strong
leadership, and tough decisions
by Board and Management.
Embedded in our credo to provide safe, stable and secure
investments is also a firm belief that every challenge we
faced would make us stronger, and that every obstacle
would be used as fuel, to propel us forward.
Ambition, according to Shakespeare,
should be made of sterner stuff –
and we have proven our mettle.
With more than 500, 000 investors, $22 billion in funds
under management and net sales of TT$905 million, the
Unit Trust has made an imprint on the financial landscape.
But now is not the time for the Unit Trust to rest on its
laurels and accomplishments. To do so, the Unit Trust
would run the risk of becoming complacent and lethargic.
Being agile and having the ability to adapt to changing
circumstances is what separates us from the rest, and
that is not about to change. To maintain the competitive
edge, the Unit Trust must now look to widen its horizons
and tap into new markets if it is to provide more lucrative
options to our unit holders. It also means exploring new
opportunities, sifting out new avenues for investment and
constructing new and innovative paths.
The way forward is for us to position ourselves to take
advantage of the opportunities as they arise. We are
excited at the prospects ahead and remain undaunted by
the challenge.
As the Unit Trust stands on the cusp of a new era in
growth and development, you, our unit holders will
continue to be our most important asset, our raison d’être
for moving forward. We look to the future buoyed by
optimism and driven always by a passion for excellence.
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