90460 UTC Annual Report 2015.indd - page 5

clinically managing risks. One thing is certain: we will continue
to distinguish ourselves from the clutter by embedding our name
in the financial services landscape with transparency and good
Adversity can carve new paths for growth and opportunity.
It forces us to take a fresh perspective, test uncharted waters
and modify our behaviour. It makes us sharper and more focused.
At the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation, we continue
to look ahead with confidence and meet with resilience, the
challenges ahead. Buoyed by your optimism and with a
heightened sense of purpose, it is critical to stay focused on
increasing efficiency, inspire creativity and imbue our processes
with innovation.
As we build lasting partnerships with our communities, we
want to further entrench our Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) footprint by setting up the UTC Foundation, a catalyst
for positive social change in the communities we serve. We
believe that as Partners for Life this is how we can bring
enduring, meaningful impact and in a tangible way make
a difference in people’s lives.
Our mission is to continue with the relentless pursuit of providing
our customers with the best in class, unrivalled service and
tailored investment solutions to meet your diverse needs. It is
this passion that fuels us to put our unit holders first – ingredients
that ignite our passion to continue to be your Partners for Life.
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