90460 UTC Annual Report 2015.indd - page 4

convey so much sentiment and embody what we represent:
they speak to our unwavering commitment to you, to building
sustainable and enduring relationships and providing workable
financial solutions for all of life’s permutations that may come
your way.
The better we know our unitholders and communities we
operate in, the more opportunities we have to provide them
with the products and services they need. This has been the
cornerstone of our success for the past 33 years. With about
$TT 20 billion in Funds Under Management and about 550,000
unitholders, we continue to serve our customers by bringing
added value and being on the pulse of your needs.
We have held firm to the belief that if we are to continue to build
our relationship with you, our unitholders, to tap into and harness
your investment potential, we must empower you to make the
right decisions. Our promise is to never shirk that responsibility.
We remain resolute in our determination to bring products and
financial services that change the lives of our unitholders in a
positive way. That is our constant focus. Wherever life’s journey
takes you, we want to be there.
As we manoeuvre the economic contraction, as your Partners
for Life, we see adversity as an opportunity for leading innovation
and driving value; an opportunity for embracing new paths as
well as improving efficiencies, thinking outside the box and
These three
simple words
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