SEA Scholarship Programme


About the UTC SEA Scholarship Programme

The Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation’s SEA Scholarship programme was established in 1996, to assist our youth who have the academic brilliance and potential, but find themselves at a disadvantage due to financially challenging circumstances.

The SEA Scholarship awardees receive $1,500 worth in vouchers annually over a seven-year period to purchase books and relevant school supplies. In 2008, the Scholarship Programme was expanded to tertiary level education. These students receive vouchers valued at $2,500 per year.

In order to provide additional support to the scholars, UTC implemented a “Strategies 4 Success,” workshop. It is designed to equip them with the necessary tools to manage personal and social challenges. It also brings health and wellness into focus and sensitizes scholars about their social responsibilities to better prepare them for leadership roles.

In 2012 the program was further extended to include a parent workshop. This is aimed at providing parents with the necessary guidance to successfully support their children throughout their secondary school lives.

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SEA Scholarship Workshop for Parents and Students

“Strategies for Success” workshop caters to developing the students’ skills and enhancing competencies. The aim is to provide them with the tools to achieve maximum value throughout their school life, not only in attaining academic excellence but also in understanding the value of communicating effectively, staying motivated and building healthy relationships. Of critical importance is learning the value of budgeting, saving and investing and building financial literacy.

  • In 2012 the program was further extended to include a parent workshop aimed at providing parents with the necessary tools to successfully support their children throughout their secondary school lives. They are thought strategies to help their children succeed at secondary school, how to project self-confidence through basic voice projection and eye contact ,other practices in etiquette and most importantly financial literacy outlining the benefits of budgeting, saving and investing. They are also exposed to listening and communication skills to assist them with improving the relationships with their child and conflict resolution. The workshop is now an annual occurrence for the forms one (1) and two (2) parents.

How to Qualify:

  • Primary school Principals/Teachers within Trinidad and Tobago must nominate the student and their family must either receive public assistance from the state or earn under $4,000 per month.
  • The student must attain over 80% at the SEA examination
  • The scholarships are then awarded based on recommendations from the Principals and the student’s performance in SEA examinations, coupled with their need for financial assistance.