SKIMMING : The act of using a small device known as a skimmer to illegally collect data from the magnetic stripe of a credit or debit card. This information is written onto another blank cardís magnetic stripe and is then used to make purchases or withdraw cash from the account of an unsuspecting cardholder.

Incidents of card skimming (card cloning) have been increasing in numbers and in an effort to assist you in protecting yourself from the growing trend, the following is recommended:

  • Do NOT let your card out of your sight i.e. do not allow a merchant  to  take your card out of your sight.
  • Do NOT use your card by merchants where the POS machine is not visible i.e. hidden below the counter or behind a dark glass.
  • Check your statements regularly or  review all your transaction activity via UTC U-Online or UTC ATM mini statements.
  • If you misplace your card for ANY period of time it is recommended that you immediately have your card blocked and replace it at your earliest convenience. Be sure to verify your last transaction activity.
  • Immediately notify UTC via one of the following options  to report any suspicious activity on your account :
    • Call 625-8648 Available daily 7.00 am to 10.00 pm inclusive of public holidays.
    • After 10.00 pm, a voice message can be left.
    • Send email to advising that there are transactions you do not recognise.  Be sure to include a contact number as well.
    • Visit the nearest UTC Investment Centre to have your card blocked and complete an Affidavit of Claim Form for suspicious transactions.