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As much as we hate to think about it, life doesn’t always go to plan. Unexpected illness, injury or death could strike at anytime and leave your family, spouse and even yourself in some serious financial trouble. The financial toll on you and your loved ones can be crippling.

Having the right measures in place can provide you with invaluable financial support if the unexpected happens. Insurance, a ‘rainy day’ or emergency fund and budgeting are all easy, affordable measures you can put in place to make sure your financial needs are addressed in the event of an unexpected illness or death. If you think life insurance isn’t something to be concerned with ask yourself this question: If you were to pass away, could your family maintain their quality of life to an acceptable level? Could your spouse and children afford to cover your outstanding debts and live from week to week without your income? The answer is probably no. Read More

Once you start earning a monthly income and begin to have dreams about what you want in life, from owning a new vehicle to purchasing a home or even travelling the globe, you have set goals that have a cost attached to them. Meeting those goals requires an investment portfolio that is right for you.

What exactly is an investment portfolio? It is a collection of assets aimed at achieving one or more investment objectives.  These may include making immediate profits, earning regular income, growing as well as preserving the initial principal invested. The investment instruments available to you include mutual funds, money market instruments, bonds, stocks and alternative assets such as land and rental property. Read More

Youth development through culture: The Unit Trust Corporation, in its continued commitment to youth development and cultural enhancement, provided a donation worth $10, 000 to the Trinidad and Tobago Music Stars Steel Orchestra. The group which consist of 73 youths from the Morvant community, coordinates an annual vacation camp to build their skills in the area of music, sports and computer literacy. The camp is aimed at channeling the energies of youth into activates that will reap positive rewards in their future. Here, Gayle Daniel-Worrell, Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Distribution Channels, Unit Trust Corporation, presents the donation to Mugabe Pierre, Founder Trinidad and Tobago Music Stars Steel Orchestra.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

August 15th 2013: The Unit Trust Corporation in pursuit of its commitment to education and youth development recently partnered with The Cotton Tree Foundation at its annual vacation camp, themed “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds.”

Donation: (L-R) Gayle Daniel Worrell, Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Distribution Channels (right) presents Anneliese Percy, General Manager, Cotton Tree Foundation receive donation cheque from

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Losing a job is often traumatic, but it doesn’t have to be a financial disaster. For a variety of reasons —job terminations, layoffs, downsizing, mergers or reengineering — spells of unemployment are realistic occurrences for many people. We live in turbulent times and no one is immune to job loss.

In times of such stress, it’s easy to make hasty financial decisions that turn out poorly. So in the immediate wake of your job loss, don’t panic by cashing in your retirement plan, savings from insurance or selling off long-term investments or make any financial decision until you’ve worked out a realistic plan for dealing with your reduced income. Read More

August 5th 2013: The Unit Trust Corporation, in its continued commitment towards community development and cultural enrichment, has once again partnered with the Tobago Heritage Festival by supporting the Canaan/Bon Accord Village Council in its production “It takes a Village to raise a child.” The UTC made a tangible contribution of $35,000.

UTC’s Executive Director, Ian Chinapoo, in his address, endorsed this year’s theme “Community Treasures: Reflections, ” stressing  that “honouring our history forces us to refocus our attention on the importance of community togetherness and the inherent belief that communities help foster the growth of its human treasures – its people.”

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Opening Remarks Delivered by
Ms. Gayle Daniel Worrell – VP Marketing, Communications and Distribution Channels
UTC’s Scholarship Award Ceremony
July 26, 2013

  • Members of the Management Team of the Unit Trust Corporation
  • Ms. Dionne Guischard, Psychologist, Families in Action
  • Mr. Justin Silva, Portfolio Manager, Unit Trust Corporation
  • UTC Scholars
  • Parents, grandparents and relatives
  • Members of the Media
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the seventeenth annual Unit Trust Corporation Scholarship Awards.

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Vacations are often perceived as a budget killer, but they do not have to be. If a week at Disney World or a jaunt to a classy beach resort is already on the radar, you’re probably looking at a serious expenditure and careful, long term planning would have gone into making this a reality. However, many families face the possibility of going into debt while taking the much anticipated holiday.

To the uninitiated, the first rule of thumb for planning a vacation is to prepare a budget and identify the expenses so you are aware how much you are spending – From booking reservations to toothbrushes and medicine, everything adds up. Make a checklist of all of the financial needs if the vacation is overseas (airfare, car expenses, hotel, sightseeing etc). Will this vacation be a family outing or will it be you and your significant other? Next, factor in when you will be going. In three months? Next year? Answering these questions will help you allocate time and money in the most efficient way while on vacation. 

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked to address the topic “The Next Steps: The Importance of Regulatory Certainty in a Developing Country.” This being a post-lunch session, and the subject matter being so wide, I have had to consider the level of tolerance you may have for either a long or a complex speech. I have had further to consider that as one of my first outings in the public domain since my recent appointment at the UTC, I need to cut the best image I possibly can.

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Chairman’s Address at
The 31st Annual General Meeting of
The Trinidad & Tobago Unit Trust Corporation
             Held on 24th June, 2013 at 5:00pm
At the Queen’s Hall Auditorium
Thank you for that warm introduction Mr. Master of Ceremonies.

  1. My fellow UTC board members,
  2. Mr. Executive Director,
  3. Specially invited guests,
  4. Members of the UTC Executive and Management Teams,
  5. Members of Staff,
  6. Representatives of the media,
  7. Valued unitholders,
  8. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, a very good evening to you all.

I bid you a very warm welcome at this the 31st Annual General Meeting of the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation.  This is indeed a very special occasion for me as this is my maiden l address at a UTC Annual General Meeting, having been appointed Chairman of the Trinidad & Tobago Unit Trust Corporation on January 1st of this year.

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