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Executive Director’s Address at
The 31st Annual General Meeting of
The Trinidad & Tobago Unit Trust Corporation
             Held on 24th June, 2013 at 5:00pm
At the Queen’s Hall Auditorium
Thank you Mr. Master of Ceremonies.

  • Mr. Chairman,
  • Fellow directors of the Corporation,
  • Representative from the Auditor General’s Office,
  • Specially invited guests,
  • Our valued unitholders,
  • Members of the Executive and Management Teams,
  • Members of Staff,
  • Representatives of the Media,
  • Ladies and gentlemen, a very good evening to you all.

Mr. Chairman, do allow me to begin by extending my congratulations to you on the occasion of this your maiden address to the Corporation’s Annual General Meeting.  I wish to thank everyone in the audience for taking the time out from your busy schedules to be with us today. I also would like to acknowledge those of you who are listening to these proceedings via the airwaves or watching our live stream via the world wide web.  We are delighted to have you join us for this event – the 31st Annual General Meeting of the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation. 

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Events over the past few years have left little doubt in all our minds: The world is becoming very small.  Our portfolios are increasingly embedded in the very fabric of the modern world.  Investors now share risk on an unprecedented global scale.

Global events can have a ripple effect on global financial markets, and ultimately investors.    The rate-rigging scandal that engulfed global banks, the disastrous fire in Bangladesh, the global mobile phone wars and the emergence of the developing countries as investment powerhouses can impact investors’ risk appetite and asset allocation mix.

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Why investing at regular intervals works

Use the term “dollar cost averaging” in a conversation and chances are you would encounter puzzled looks.  Truth is, it’s an investment technique that many successful investors already practice  without even realizing it. Few investment strategies are more ingrained than dollar-cost averaging which simply means investing a fixed amount of money at fixed intervals of time over a long period, through thick and thin.

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As a parent, you want to provide the very best for your children, which includes giving them a good tertiary education.  But the cost of a quality education can be hefty and usually cannot easily be absorbed into a monthly or yearly budget. For this reason, you’ll need to plan very carefully for your children’s education.

The growing concern for many parents is their financial readiness for giving their children a tertiary education can be prohibitive. By the time one factors in the costs for books, spending allowances, housing and food and inflation, the total bill can be astronomical.  It can even be substantially higher when tertiary education is pursued overseas.

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March 28th, 2013

Planning for retirement

Retirement planning can be more intimidating than any other personal finance topic. And with good reason: picture yourself at the end of your working years with family in tow and you are able to keep the lifestyle you had enjoyed during that period. You are well equipped financially to handle all your expenses, treat yourself to some fine dining  and take Mrs. Retiree on that long transatlantic cruise you promised when you were  still working.

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18 March 2013:  Team members of the Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) was a show of force when they came together recently to offer support to Presentation College, Chaguanas, in the promotion of a drug-free environment by participating in the central school’s 5K and Walk-A-Thon.

The Corporation has supported the event over the years and was thrilled to be a corporate partner in 2013.

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Students of the Chaguanas North Secondary School created history when they walked away with the first, second and third place of the 22nd edition of the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation’s Schools’ Investment Game.

The announcement, made recently during the award ceremony at UTC’s Financial Centre in Port-of-Spain, was accompanied by shouts of jubilation and scenes of celebration from the students of the winning school.

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