UTC e-Statement Service

No more waiting for your statements to arrive in the mail. You can now sign up for UTC's e-Statement Service to conveniently access your account information. UTC's e-Statement Service offers you an alternate way to easily access your monthly/quarterly statements online.
And it's totally free

NB: Once registered for our e-Statement service, you will no longer receive paper statements via the mail.

Unitholders will now have the opportunity to receive their account statements electronically instead of receiving paper-based bank statements through traditional mail.

Sign up today, to view, download or print an electronic version of your statement for Visa applications, loan applications or for your own record keeping.

Benefits of UTC's e-Statement Service

  • More reliable

Access to your account statements every month via www.ttutc.com/e-Statemement so there's no chance it will get lost in the mail.

  • Greater convenience

Access your e-Statement easily whenever and wherever you want.

  • It's Secure

Password protected, so you can feel secure that nobody else can have access to your account statement.

  • Free of charge

Yes, this service is totally free

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Call Center team 1 868-624-8648.

NB: Once registered for our e-Statement service, you will no longer receive paper statements via the mail.

e-Statement FAQs

  • What is an e-Statement?

An e-Statement is an electronic version of your UTC statements. It contains all of the same account information as paper statements with a sleek new design. It is delivered online instead of through traditional mail.

  • How can I sign up?

    First. here's your check list:

    • You will need to know your UTC ID number (not sure where to find it? Click here)
    • Ensure email address is up-to-date on our system

    Didn't have this info, then visit any Investment Center or contact our Call Center at 625-8648 to update your account.

  • e-Statement sign up
    • Log on https://estatements.ttutc.com/ to complete online form.
    • Click on registration tab
    • After completing registration, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.
    • Click on confirmation link in email message to access portal.
    • Finally, enter your UTCID and set up your unique password.
  • What's my UTC ID ?

It is your unique seven-digit code that identifies you as a UTC customer. This number will be required when registering for e-Statement service.

Not sure where to find it? Click here

  • I'm registered, how can I access UTC e-Statement?

Log in to https://estatements.ttutc.com/ and enter your UTC ID and secure password to access your e-Statement.

  • Can I view e-Statements for my joint accounts?

Yes, once registered, you will be able to view all accounts tied to their UTCID.

  • When will I start receiving my online e-Statement?

Once you've completed registration you will receive your e-Statement during the next e-Statement cycle.

  • How will I know when my e-Statement is available?

A notification message will be sent to your email address, each time your e-Statements are available.

  • Will e-Statements look like my paper statments?

Online Statements will contain all of the same account information as your paper statements but with a new design layout.

  • What happens if I don't sign up for this service?

If you do not opt in, you will continue to receive your UTC statements via traditional mail.